Men's Pie Club

We're all about local guys, making pies in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


At the weekly clubs you can expect to get stuck in and make your own delicious pie - don’t worry, you’ll be given all the ingredients and shown what to do by one of the MPC team. It’s usually Colin who we like to call ‘Lead Pie Man’ - we think he likes that name too.


We meet in small, friendly groups of about 3-10 guys. When you arrive, someone from the team will give you a warm welcome.  You don’t need any cooking skills at all (but you’ll learn a few if you fancy it).

We use small camping stoves and our famous pie-makers to make top quality pies using great ingredients. You don’t need to bring anything, it’s all supplied and free of charge.

Really, it’s just about being with guys like you from your local area, having a laugh and making and eating pies!


We think that being together, learning to eat well and improving your physical and mental health is a great way to spend an hour each week. And so do our members!


Want in? You’re in.


Welcome to the Pie Club.

Men's Pie Club During COVID


As our in-person clubs are unable to go ahead until January 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions (stay-tuned and we will keep you posted on this) we will be supporting BOTH our existing and new members with our doorstop freshly baked pie deliveries.

This means, every Tuesday afternoon, our members will receive a fresh pie (and a quick doorstop chat) from one of the MPC team.

We look forward to serving you, we couldn’t let you go a week without a good old pie now could we?

Who’s behind Pie Club?


Food Nation, a Newcastle based social enterprise is behind MPC. They are funded by the Movember Foundation. The project was developed in response to the need for increasing levels of social connections and feelings of belongingness for men; particularly those who are at greater risk of becoming socially isolated.

Join us...

If you’re interested in joining Men’s Pie Club please drop Jamie an email at or call/text him on 07971928096.


If you’d like to refer someone to Men’s Pie Club, you can do so here.

It’s escapism for a couple of hours on a Monday night, just to get with people I’d like to become friends with. To meet new guys who are in the same position.