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The first rule of Men’s Pie Club is we talk about Men’s Pie Club.

And we don’t just talk about pies.

We talk about loads of things.

Things that really matter.

And things that don’t.

It’s somewhere to get stuff off your chest.

And put something in your belly.

Men’s Pie Club is for all kinds of guys.

Whether you’re living alone or feeling alone.

Whether you’re looking for mates or looking to learn.

This is a brotherhood built on pie crust and tasty fillings.

Somewhere we can drop in and chill out.

Where we can look out for each other.

Be kind to one another.

And just be ourselves.

Local guys, making pies.

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If you'd like to have a chat, get in touch with Jamie and the team via phone or email.


Ready to join a local Men's Pie Club? Simply sign up here.

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