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MPC's Incredible Supporters

Men's Pie Club has had unbelievable support from so many different people and organisations since the very beginning, from the long-term Movember funding that enabled us to exist, to the gentleman who anonymously donated £20 after a win on the horses. Such kindness means we can continue to support our 200 members and look to expand our reach into new areas.

The recent efforts of the North East Whisky Appreciation Society are another perfect example of the goodness of people in helping our project to thrive. Jo, John, Karl and the rest of the society gathered donations for an online auction before hosting their Whisky Indy Festival at Anarchy Brewery, raising yet more funds on the day. All together this totalled £1700, which equates to the running costs for two of our clubs for a whole year.

Thank you to everyone involved with North East Whisky Appreciation Society for making this possible.


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