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Pie of the Month: Christmas Dinner Pie

With Christmas around the corner, our Pie Men managed to shoehorn a festive dinner into a pie. The best part about this recipe is that there are usually Christmas Day leftovers lurking in the fridge, just waiting to be transformed into something lush! The ingredients list below is just a rough guide, so please add in/take away anything you fancy to make the pie your own.

Ingredients, for 8 pies:

400g of turkey, chicken or a vegetarian substitute, cooked and chopped

250g roasted potatoes, cut small

250g roasted root vegetables (e.g. parsnips, carrots, turnip)

200g shredded sprouts

200g cooked chestnuts

cranberry sauce (to taste)


250g stuffing

Make your shortcrust pastry as per our usual instructions and chill well.

Assemble your cooked ingredients ready to fill your pies.

Add the ingredients to your pie base, making sure you have an even mix of each item, with plenty of gravy, cranberry sauce and black pepper at every 'layer'.

Roll out a lid of stuffing and cut to fit as your pie lid.


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