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International Men’s Day 2021

As a project designed to help support men’s mental health it’s only right that Men’s Pie Club celebrate International Men’s Day today (Friday 19 November 2021) and recognise the many, many positives all of our Pie Men bring to the table - literally - by attending their Men's Pie Clubs.

As someone who is very new to The Club, I have seen firsthand how kind and supportive our guys are in welcoming others, how open and respectful they are in making ‘their’ group become ‘our’ group. If you want to share your worries I’ve seen our Pie Men listen carefully, but if you want to be distracted by the wonders of the pie and not say much, our guys get this, too. If you’ve got an inspired cookery idea then it’s “crack on, bonny lad”. If your pastry doesn’t work out then it’s “no problem, have some of mine”.

These two-hour chunks of our week make a very positive difference to how we are all feeling and every single one of us plays their part in this. We might see each other outside of Men’s Pie Club and we might not, but from the second we enter the room to the moment we are boxing our pies and heading out of the door we know we have tried to do what we can to make each other feel a bit better. This is what Men’s Pie Club is all about. This is what being a man is all about.

Cheers, guys.


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