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Pie of the Month: Chicken, Asparagus & Spring Onion

Experimentation is often important when cooking, and our Fenham club improvised this recipe recently. Feel free to tweak the ingredients based on what you have/what you like. Maybe switch the chicken for chickpeas, or add different greens.

Makes four smallish pies (or one large)

Basic shortcrust pastry

500g chicken thighs (or a can of chickpeas)

A bunch of asparagus

5-6 spring onions

Large tub of creme fraiche/natural yoghurt

Spices: garlic powder, sumac, coriander, chilli flakes (1 tsp each)

1 stock cube


Make your pastry and line your baking dish/pie-maker.

Chop the chicken into small pieces, and fry off in olive oil until browned.

Add in your asparagus and spring onions, chopped into small rounds, and fry for another two minutes.

Stir in your spice mix and turn off the heat.

Add enough creme fraiche/yoghurt to coat the meat and vegetables.

Fill your pastry and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Photo: S. Frisken


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